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Since the advent of photography, the sensual female form has been presented to excess in classically soft black and white portraits. However, Russian erotic photographer Alexey Nikishin reinvents the art form along with the archetypal female figure itself.

Nikisin's ethereal models all possess a candid modesty, as if their ego has been shed during their various states of undress. The finished photographs present an honesty that elevates the seductive grace of these beauties to angelic levels. We spoke with Nikishin through our very poor Russian, and he graciously responded.

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Sez G: Most of your photos are in black and white. Do you ever shoot in color?

Alexey Nikishin: I do prefer black and white film. Very rarely I shoot using a digital camera, but when I do, the end photos are in color. But it is very rare.

Sez G: What's your favorite part of a woman's body and why?

Alexey Nikishin: I have no dear parts! I simply love the body, wholly, as it is.

Sez G: Did you grow up in Moscow?

Alexey Nikishin: Yes, I was born and raised in Moscow.

Sez G: When did you start shooting photography, and when did you first turn your camera towards the erotic nude?

Alexey Nikishin: I began photography in early 2000, and turned professional in 2006.

Sez G: Women are often smoking in your photos. Would you say you have a smoking fetish?

Alexey Nikishin: No. When women smoke, they weaken! But it still often contributes to a good photograph.

Sez G: You have so many galleries of different, beautiful women. Where do you meet your models?

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Alexey Nikishin: I'm a well-known photographer in Moscow, so the girls find me.. usually through the internet. My only task is to photograph them.

Sez G: You teach at the School of Modern Photo in Moscow. What's the most important thing you tell your students?

Alexey Nikishin: I try to teach them not to simply shoot, but to consider each sequence. And always shoot using the soul and heart.

Sez G: You have a very creative eye, and many of your photos have unique and intriguing angles of the female form. How much planning do you do before a shoot?

Alexey Nikishin: I try to place light so that it would be beautiful.

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Alexey Nikishin - by Sez G.