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Fetish photographer Kathleen Elizabeth has a thing for androgynous people, medical-themed latex and dominant woman. Whether or not these themes drive you wild, you can't deny the sensual urges radiating from her images. Elizabeth's own fetishes transfer insidiously through her lens and unfold in a photograph bursting with pheromones; they turn a stark studio and single model into art that's soaked in smoldering fetish desire. We spoke with her about using art as an aphrodisiac and where it all comes from.

Sez G: You shoot a lot with Dommes. Are they professional, and are you associated with any dungeons?

Kathleen Elizabeth: Almost all the Dommes I shoot are professional. A few are models who aren't in the lifestyle. This is not done intentionally; I just gravitate towards dominant women… or domme-looking women, I guess. I have done some shoots in a couple of dungeons, but I'm not associated directly with any.

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Sez G: You've said you especially enjoy shooting androgynous women. What are you drawn to visually in them?

Kathleen Elizabeth: I'm smiling... well... they are just sexy and amazing.

Sez G: You've done a couple shoots with your models in a coffin. Do you have a coffin?

Kathleen Elizabeth: [laughing] No, I don't have a coffin… but I did drive a hearse for fun at one time as my second car!

That shoot took place in a real funeral home, actually. It was a lot of fun! Darenzia is one of my favorite models.

Sez G: Ours too! Lots of very cool latex fashions adorn your models. Where does the clothing come from?

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Kathleen Elizabeth: Most of the models I shoot are fetish models or fetishists in one way or another, and they use their own wardrobe. I did start my own collection of latex items for models to wear, so some are from my collection.

Sez G: Where do you live, and how has your artistic vision developed because of your environment?

Kathleen Elizabeth: I'm actually on Long Island, about a 45 minute drive from Manhattan. I have had an interest in fetish images for as long as I can remember. One of my personal favorites is medical-themed fetishes. I love sinister evil nurses in latex.

Sez G: Hurray! So where does a fetish-goth-horror-lesbian photographer fit in the art world?

Kathleen Elizabeth: I'm not really trying to fit in anywhere, I'm just expressing myself… and it feels great!

Sez G: What's next for you?

Kathleen Elizabeth: I'm looking into doing a lesbian calendar for next year .

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Kathleen Elizabeth - by Sez G.