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The quirky personalities of Miss Red's models thrust from their mischievous gazes amidst a torrent of color and costume. Red creates an adult wonderland with her lens, a world of fantastically hued sets and kittenish characters. The draw is not simply the playfully gorgeous Parisian muses, but also the universe in which they frolic. We spoke with Red about the chromatic alt-reality she so imaginatively creates.

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Sez G: You live in Paris, but where did you grow up? How involved are you in the fetish scene and art scenes there?

Miss Red: I have lived in Paris for 5 years, but I grew up in Poland. I started learning about fetish culture by going to fetish parties, and I was a fetish model for a short time. I wanted to express myself because for me, fetish is fun and amusing. I wanted to show this side of the scene in a fun way: with happiness and colors.

Since then, I have had a few expositions at French fetish parties, such as Fetish in Paris and Pervarty. Many of my photos were used for fetish parties in Europe, and I had an exposition at the Demonia Boutique in Paris. I call many of the photographers, stylists and party organizers my friends.

Sez G: You've said you do not want to reflect the sadness of your country in your photographs. What is this sadness?

Miss Red: It is not sadness that I don't want to reflect, but the lack of variety in color in my childhood. Everything was gray: the streets, the toilet paper, even the gift wrapping. Color gives me energy and life, and this is what I want to reflect.

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Sez G: Your sets are really fun, and your images are like dreams. How do you come up with the concept for a shoot?

Miss Red: What attracts me to photography is that it possible for me to create an imaginary world, a perfect world according to my wishes. I use very intense, contrasting colors to give my images an unreal dimension.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It's a combination of many things that touched me in a single day. Sometimes they're quite ordinary things… perhaps I find an interesting object that inspires me, and I create the atmosphere around it. Sometimes a model's attitude inspires me, or it could be a film, painting or picture. I never try to reproduce the true visual world.

Sez G: Your models look like they're having a great time playing in front of your lens. What's the mood on a set?

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Miss Red: We laugh, we play, we joke, we have fun. But it is also real work, and sometimes it is tiring for everyone because a shoot takes time. I especially like to photograph women who are proud of their femininity. I like to show a woman who is not afraid to be sexy and desirable for herself. At the same time, men are secondary in my images, used to accentuate independence and the energy of the female.

Sez G: Can you walk me through a typical shoot?

Miss Red: There is no typical shoot. Usually it starts the same: while the models are getting make-up done, I prepare my set and the photography equipment. We choose the wardrobe. I tell a story to put the models in the correct frame of mind, and we start to shoot.

I can't get more than what the model gives me. That's why it is so important to have a good rapport with the model and we have to have trust in each other. Afterwards, we drink, laugh and eat together. I couldn't do anything without my lovely husband, Red Man, since our common passion is photography. We support each other in every way, from ordinary technical things to positive emotional support.

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Sez G: Who does the set design?

Miss Red: I prepare all the set decorations myself. I buy or borrow all the supplies, and sometimes I make it myself. I love going to the flea market because I find fun stuff there. At the beginning I also did the make-up, hair and styling for my photos, but now I work with make-up artists and stylists, so I can focus on the set itself.

Sez G: The colors in your images are so vibrant! How much computer retouching do you do?

Miss Red: 2 cigarettes' worth.

Sez G: You are also a graphic designer. How do you think these skills influence each other?

Miss Red: Not too much because I work in architecture as a graphic designer, and there is not too much in common with fetish photography.

Sez G: What's next for you?

Miss Red: I haven't been taking pictures for very long, and right now it is a question of evolution, of experience and of improvement.
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Miss Red - by Sez G.