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LA based photographer Octavio empties the crazy cool contents of his head into surreal dreamscapes filled with beautiful women. Then he takes bad ass photos of it. Though he professes it's all about cussing, drinking and pussy, I've gotta insist there's more art there than he's willing to take credit for. The rich vibrancy with which his ideas are portrayed is even more striking than the Hotness Factor... though admittedly, that factor is pretty high too. Octavio took some time from drinking bourbon while getting a lap dance to talk to us about his rock and roll lifestyle.

Eros Zine: You create some very elaborate sets and characters in your photos, from robot maids to superhero women to mad party clowns to outer space battles. Can you walk me through how these are brought to fruition? How do the ideas for the characters, the building of the sets, the costuming, the models and the shoots all fit together?

Octavio: Great question! people think I can pull these things out of my ass like a stray Lima bean. Putting together these shoots can be tedious, specially because I work with no budget whatsoever.

Many times the model inspires the shoot. There are hundreds of models who have contacted me, and as I browse thru their portfolios, I think of ideas and themes for the photos. I usually have an idea of what the final image is gonna look like before I even load film in the camera, so I'm very particular in my choice of models, props etc., unless I totally screw it all up…

Eros Zine: Your site has a hysterical and biting sense of humor, with a satirical bio and the tag line "It's about fucking time." It seems like a lot of people in your field take themselves very seriously. How do you fit in with the fetish culture and other erotic artists?

Octavio: Yeah! I hear ya, photographers can be very self-centered and pompous at times. I guess that goes for artists in general. Well, since now anyone with a digicam and a cracked version of photoshop can consider themselves a photographer or an artist...fine, more of them to make fun of! You really can't take yourself too seriously when all you do all day long is take photos of naked girlies.

As far as fitting in, I'm friends and hang out with many of the known shooters. We eat, drink, cuss and barely bring up the subject of photography. There are other things in this world more important than this... like potted meat products.

Eros Zine: Agreed, potted meat is certainly of growing global concern. But hanging out with the artists talking about meat in a can is one thing. On the other hand, throughout your site, you speak your mind about posers and the general bullshit of the industry. Does it ever get you into trouble?

Octavio: Not really...I get the occasional "you're an idiot or a hack" email or comment once in a while. I'm quite upfront about expressing my opinions, but my photos speak for themselves. The bottom line is: it's all about pussy.

Eros Zine: There's sort of a Retro-Twilight Zone-Dreamscape feeling in a lot of your color work, but your black and white seems more serious and glamorous. Are you schizo?

Octavio: Yeah! absolutely- how did you know? I always like trying new things, as long as there's booty involved. Doing black and white is a totally different approach, so I adapt the subject to the medium.

Eros Zine: Where do you find your models and how well do you know them?

Octavio: Man, let me tell you, finding models is the easiest thing around here. I can stick my arm out the window and pull in a gal who's willing to pose naked for free. It's convincing them to do "certain" poses that's the fun part. I do get to know some of my models well enough to remember their names! And some I never see again.

But my life doesn't revolve around hanging out with models and being seen at a disco with 2 biyatches in each arm. Some of my models have become good friends and we go out to dive places, do bourbon shots and puke in alleyways.

Eros Zine: Very sexy! In what decade do you think women were hottest?

Octavio: Always have been and always will be. Women are very beautiful sexual creatures. It's my duty to humanity to document it thru photos. I have like 2 billion more to go, so I'll be a bit busy.

Eros Zine: Thanks for working towards the cause! You're a big proponent of strippers, booze and rock and roll. Is that why you live in LA?

Octavio: I actually moved to LA because I love a town where the sun shines year round and nobody seems to have a job yet they all still make a living. I guess that breeds porn stars, strippers, booze and rock and roll…the complete package.

Eros Zine: How often do you enjoy the entertainment of strip clubs?

Octavio: Not as often I used to, but enough to put a cap on my lap-dance budget. There's literally a strip club on every other corner in LA...so imagine how long it takes me to walk 3 blocks.

Eros Zine: What the heck is Winkytiki?

Octavio: Winkytiki is the one eyed woody winker. I'd love to go down in history as the guy who started an empire named after a penis.

Eros Zine: I'll drink to that. What's next for you?

Octavio: I have a book in the works that's keeping me busy (well, don't all photographers?). Damn, I have a lot of shooting to do, but I'm on a mental break right now. I bought me some sea monkeys and once they're old enough to go to school and build entire cities in a fishbowl, I'll get back to that project. Remember, it ain't art...just entertainment!

Well, Octavio, I hate to say it, but there's some art going on in there too, and we dig it. Here's to sea monkeys, puke-free alleys and the Winkytiki empire! You can learn more about Octavio on his sites winkytiki.com and theepussyagogo.com.

Octavio - by Sez G.