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German erotic photographer Alexander Paulin shoots a wide breadth of subjects including stock and travel photography, but he's known best for his softly seductive black and white nudes. He began shooting fine art nudes in the mid-1990s and quickly found much popularity and interest through the internet. Models drawn to Paulin's creative lens now travel from all over the world to his White Room Studio near Hamburg. He spoke with us about his preferred backdrops and the process of capturing that perfect image.

Sez G: You've been shooting since your were 14 years old. When did you begin nude photography, and what were your first few shoots like?

Alexander Paulin: I started really shooting nude photography in 1997, but my first works truly look like amateur shots.

EZ: Do you prefer shooting on location or in a studio? Why?

AP: Shooting on location or outdoors is better for me because it's not so static and fixed. You don't have to worry as much about using a flash, and the model is more relaxed in her motions.

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EZ: All of the images on your site are exquisite. How many photos do you take in each shoot, and how many are of them end up being of acceptable artistic quality?

AP: Thanks for the compliment. We shoot about 120 to 170 photos, and if we're lucky, we can use about 20 to 50 of them. If you have a good model, it's often more.

EZ: In addition to nudes, you also shoot a lot of beautiful photographs of landscape, animals, buildings, etc. How does your approach differ when shooting scenery, still-life and animals from your erotic photo shoots?

AP: When I photograph landscapes, buildings and so on, I have more time to compose my photo. These "models" don't move, so you only need an artistic eye in this moment.

EZ: You shoot both quiet, graceful black & white images and vibrant, arresting color photography. Which do you prefer?

AP: I come primarily from a background of black and white photography, and I have my own laboratory. I love color when the motive is colorful, but if you shoot fine nudes, I think black and white has more expression.

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EZ: You've done a lot of your shooting on beaches. What draws you to this landscape?

AP: Hm... water with sand I think is beautiful, especially during the summer. In the summer, I mostly shoot outdoors.

EZ: Where do you meet your models and how well do you know them? Do you have any muses?

AP: Most models find me and apply for a job. One model traveled all the way from Okinawa, Japan via Amsterdam to my White Room Studio in Kiel, Germany. All models come for multiple shoots with me, usually two to five times. Do I have muses? A gentleman never tells. [smiles]

EZ: What's next for you?

AP: I'm planning a big shoot in a very old castle with historic dress. It's a little bit morbid, but wonderful. I am also searching for a new international publisher for my 2007 calendars and a book of my works.

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Alexander Paulin - by Sez G.