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French Candian photographer Martin Perreault is one of the premiere fetish photographers in the industry. Through elaborate shoots with his lover Bianca Beauchamp on their website, they turn many of their latex fantasies into reality. Perreault took some time to speak with us about latex and love. Click the above image to view more of his work!

Eros Zine: First off, where do you live?

Martin Perreault: I'm French Canadian. When I was young and until the age of 18, my mother, brother and I moved from place to place in the province of Quebec and Ontario. There was a period when we moved once a year, sometimes in the same city in different apartments, other times in other cities hundreds of kilometers apart. It was just the way we were, like nomads. When I was 18 I moved in my own apartment in Montreal. Although I did switch apartments a few times since then, Montreal is now my home and I totally love this city!

Sez G: How did your interest in photography develop?

Martin Perreault: I was very lucky during my teenage years to study at a high school that specializes in the arts, and I took intensive fine arts for five years. I soon developed a very strong interest in cinema and photography. In 1994 I majored in cinema at Concordia University in Montreal.

It was not long after that I met the woman of my dreams, Bianca Beauchamp, who would become not only my muse in fetish photography but also my love and life partner. Prior to meeting her, I didn't explore photography as an art form; I was just shooting friends or events that I wanted to remember as a distraction.

It didn't take long before I pointed my camera at Bianca, who inspired me beyond belief.

It all changed with her. She and I discovered fetish together, and my personal interests in this world of fantasy flourished rapidly. I soon developed a fascination of fetish photography. It didn't take long before I pointed my camera at Bianca, who inspired me beyond belief.

Sez G: Speaking of world renown fetish model Bianca Beauchamp, how did you two meet and what was your first photo shoot together like?

Martin Perreault: I think it is the dream of all artists to find a muse. I am extremely lucky to have found inspiration in my lover and grateful that she responded positively to my creative needs. As I write this, we've been together for almost ten years!

We discovered fetish and latex together and the photography followed not long after. At first, we shot only for ourselves, for fun, but I soon realized that I felt the need to explore fetish photography more in depth. Bianca and I evolved together in the world of fetish photography and modeling. It was only a matter of time until I opened her website ( and we decided to go career doing what we loved.

Contrary to what people would think, our first photo shoots together were very difficult. I had a hard time mastering all the necessary techniques and directing her at the same time. Bianca was also very new to modeling, and as any model will tell you, the first shoots are very difficult because you are self-consciousness. To be in front of the camera is to put yourself in a vulnerable state, and it is tough to let go. We both learned together, complimenting each other. Today, I believe Bianca is the most volatile fetish model. Her range of facial expressions, looks and emotions are endless! There is none other like her.

Sez G: You mostly shoot the slick colors and textures of latex. What drew you to it?

Martin Perreault: I mainly shoot latex because the material fascinates me. I am personally very attracted to it. I find it highly erotic because it titillates all senses. It is very arousing to watch a pretty woman in latex, and the feel of the second skin is particularly soft and sensual. The latex also has a distinct smell that can be very erotic.

A woman wearing latex clothes is comparable to a woman wearing sexy lingerie, only more provocative

Why latex? I often explain that to me, a woman wearing latex clothes is comparable to a woman wearing sexy lingerie, only more provocative. Glamour photography, nudes and erotic art are not new concepts. Artists have always been fascinated with the body, especially the female forms. Latex just happens to be the medium I wish to explore to capture the essence and the beauty of the female body…or at least how I perceive it to be.

Sez G: Your monthly cover stories on Latex Lair seem to be much more than fetish and glamour photos. They have elaborate settings and well planned scenarios. Where do the ideas and stories come from? What are the shoots like and what is your role as the photographer? For example, are you simply documenting, is it passively voyeuristic, is there a level of dominance, etc.

Martin Perreault: Latex Lair is in constant evolution. We originally tried to create a very personal site where we could publish our photography. One of the ideas behind each shoot was to try and create a small storyline to add to the fantasy aspect of the photography. In general, we try to find a theme and have some sort of evolution in it. It is always very general so the viewer can be free to imagine and rewrite the storyline.

For a long time, Bianca and I worked alone together, but in the past two years, we've tried to create more elaborate setups, and we started to shoot with guest models. These shoots usually require a few people to be around. Nowadays, a photo shoot will take between 5 to 10 hours (this includes makeup sessions, dressing up, setups, lighting tests, etc.).

My role as a photographer is a bit complex. It is my goal to capture the essence of a fantasy. To do that, everything needs to work: the technical parts and the creative parts. Technically, the lighting and setup play a huge factor in creating the mood in the photo. When I shoot the models, my mind is in constant ebullition. I think of the light, the image composition, depth of field, the models current pose (what they propose, what I could tell them to make it better), etc. I rarely shoot for one specific photo. The shoots are in constant evolution. Some parts I direct more than others, some I'm more passive for. What people don't usually realize is that the making of a photo shoot is much more technical than one would think. But that's the whole point: the final shots should look like they were simple captures of great fantasies.

Sez G: Do you think of your work as representing the imagination, fantasies and the magic of a costume? Or are there also parallels to real life?

My fantasies are part of my life, and my photography is just an extension of it.

Martin Perreault: A photo is a different thing for everybody. Personally, I shoot my fantasies, but fantasies to one person can be a reality to another. I have experienced on a personal level a lot of what you see in my photos. On the other hand, some shoots are purely fictional. One thing I can say for sure is that doing the photo shoots is acting out a fantasy in itself. My life as it is: shooting my girlfriend in latex whenever we feel like it; having her dress up in any of her hundreds of latex outfits and going out clubbing; shooting her in latex with another luscious woman; being able to live from what I love to do. Yet this is the fantasy life of many. My fantasies are part of my life, and my photography is just an extension of it.

Sez G: You're a lucky person to be able to say that! Do you have any other current projects in the works?

Martin Perreault: Fetish wise, I'm working on a book that will feature our latex photography. Apart from that, shooting and more shooting. Updating my personal website would be a good idea… I'd love to be able to publish some work in Maxim or Stuff; their readers would get a kick out of our fetish imagery!

Sez G: Any chance in uniting your fetish photography with your background in cinema?

Martin Perreault: My love for cinema is still very strong in me. I would love to direct a zombie apocalyptic movie one day ŕ la Romero style. Drop the fast zombies and let's go back to the basics! Zombies are menacing because they are slow as hell and in extremely vast numbers: when they come at you, you have plenty of time to see what the trouble on the way, feel how alone you are on this planet, and realize death is catching up on you no matter what. THAT is real horror, not those hyper-turbo-zombies that we've been seeing in the latest trends. If I want to see an action movie I'll watch Terminator! But I digress here…

Thanks for talking with us Martin. Until he puts out that zombie movie, you can enjoy the sweet sleekness of his work with Bianca on and

Martin Perreault - by Sez G.