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Photo by Christine Kessler

Fresh Dallas fetish model Angela Ryan is quickly making her mark on the scene. Her classic visage and smooth porcelain skin juxtaposed with fiery hair and a quirky attitude make her an enigma more than anything else. This is, of course, why we like her! We spoke with Ryan about some of her inspirations and idiosyncrasies.

Sez G: You began modeling in 2001, when you were 20 years old. What did you think you might do as a career before that?

Angela Ryan: I have always been fascinated by the fashion industry. Modeling just kind of fell in my lap. I enjoyed doing it, so I stuck with it. I would someday like to work with a clothing company, maybe become a makeup artist, or a fashion stylist.

Sez G: So who are some of your big time model inspirations?

Angela Ryan: As far as the fetish scene, I would have to say Dita Von Teese. She is so graceful and has a classic beauty. She has an amazing presence.

Sez G: When did you become a redhead and why?

Angela Ryan: I have been a redhead for almost seven years now. My mom and sister are both natural redheads, and I was always bothered that I wasn't one too. I guess I felt the need to one up them!

Sez G: You live in Dallas, Texas. What's the fetish scene like there?

Angela Ryan: There is a thriving lifestyle community here, but the club scene here is small. We only have one, The Church, but it's probably the nicest fetish club I have been to yet. They have fetish themed nights three times a week. I perform there regularly.

Sez G: You have a tiny hat fetish. That's pretty unusual. What's it about?

Angela Ryan: I LOVE tiny hats! I have no idea where it came from. I just get really excited when I wear them or see someone else with one on. I really think they make the outfit, and I feel like a better person with one on.

Sez G: You've done a few encasement and bondage shoots. What aspects of them do you enjoy? Do they translate to your personal life?

Angela Ryan: I plan on doing many more! I quite enjoy encasement and bondage. I like being restricted and struggling to be freed. I do like to incorporate these things into my personal life, but I also like variety. It's boring to do the same thing all the time.

Sez G: You performed recently at the SF Fetish Ball. What did you do and how did it go?

Angela Ryan: I performed on Friday night of the event at Club Enslaved with Allen Falkner and Athena Fatale. We did a good vs. evil skit. I was "good," Athena was "evil," and Allen was the mortal man whose soul we were fighting for. Allen had hooks in his back connected to a kavadi cage. I came out and sang "Song to the Siren" by This Mortal Coil luring Allen to me, but Athena ended up converting me to the dark side, taking me behind a screen and transforming me into a demonette. Allen freed himself from his cage by ripping the hooks from his back, and Athena and I left him in ruins. We all had a great time!

Sez G: Sounds intense! What kind of things do you do besides looking fabulous?

Angela Ryan: I have recently started singing. Surprisingly, I feel very comfortable behind the microphone. I am working on incorporating that more into my stage performances. I am also a bingo-holic. Sadly, I haven't had much time to play lately. I also enjoy eating copious amounts of macaroni and cheese.

Sez G: A girl after my own heart. What's your take on breast implants?

Angela Ryan: I go back and forth about getting them all the time. I'm still undecided about them for myself, but if it makes you happy, I say go for it. I do believe moderation is the key though.

Sez G: What's coming up for you in the future?

Angela Ryan: I have some major travel plans! That is my main focus this year. I will be coming to a city near you soon!

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Angela Ryan - by Sez G