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Photo: Kelly Lind

Ariel X has recently burst on the internet scene, but her lack of "experience" isn't what's drawing in the crowds. This all natural diva lives a comic book character's life, changing out of her whip-smart computer good girl outfits each day into some smooth and sultry skin under evening's dimmed lights. Ariel's raw attitude peers through her striking features, and, even at her most innocent, it's clear she's a white-hot tiger. She let us in on the secret life of a girl named X.

Sez G:There's something deliciously mysterious about the "X" in your name. Tell me how it came about and what it means to you.

Ariel X: Man you hyped it up so much by saying it's deliciously mysterious I feel like I have to make up something spectacular to live up to that description! The fact of the matter is that I was modeling under the name Ariel Carmine and I had a sleaze ball photographer and jackass web designer swindle me (I know… that never happens in the adult entertainment industry). The bastard bitches had bought the domains and .net. They were lame and the sites looked like crap so I decided to take my ass (literally) elsewhere.

Kelly Lind and Alex LaMarsh helped me build the persona of Ariel X. The X does sound much more mysterious than Carmine does. X marks the spot, my site is rated X. Well, the whole base of the X was because in some way it reminds me of a super hero from a comic. I love comics and some days I feel like a comic book character. I live one life by day and a completely different one by night.

Sez G: Are you a full-time model, or do you hold another real-life job? Do they know about your website?

Ariel X: I only model part time; modeling is just a hobby for me. I do it because I love to, not because I need to pay rent. I co-own and operate a computer shop. I do the purchasing for the company; I buy and sell almost any computer component one can think of. I love my day job because it forces me to keep up with technology. I would hate to be one of those people who have to have their kid show them how to use the latest cell phone (not that there is anything wrong with that).

My co-workers do know that I model. Do they know to what extent I go in some of the pictures….???? I don't know. I don't hide anything from them. If they ask, I will tell, it's just that no one ever asks. All my co-workers are open minded. They all think I'm attractive so they are happy that I can do something with my looks. I am very close with one of the girls I work with. I show and tell her everything. I value her opinion highly, so I feel as if I must show her everything. She seems to be proud of my work, and she's a big fan of Kelly Lind's.

Sez G: Speaking of Kelly, you're good friends with him and make-up artist Alex LaMarsh, and the shoots you do with them are very creative. What's the energy like when the three of you work together?

Ariel X: I can honestly say that it were not for Kelly and Alex, I would not be modeling today. I had shot with one photographer prior to shooting with them, and when I got the images back, I just about cried myself into another life.

I didn't give up, however. My 2nd shoot was with Kelly and Alex. Alex sat me up in her chair and made me look like a siren, a goddess, a real live porn star!!!! She makes me look sexy, so it's easy for me to play up for the camera. Kelly has an eye for all thing artistic. He shoots at angles that are flawlessly sexy. He knows how to make a woman look good, and he comes up with great ideas and concepts for the shoot.

I own very little clothing so I can't make the shoots "all about the outfit." Kelly and Alex work with me on my look to give each shoot its appeal without depending on some sexy lingerie and a hot pair of pumps. When I see the results of a shoot Kelly, Alex and I have done, I literally think that the three of us are going to take over the world one smut lover at a time. I always have a good feeling working with them. I know I will always walk away with gorgeous shots, even if they are just close-ups of my Pink fun.

Sez G: You recently did a shoot with Dave Naz, who prefers his models without make-up. Was this scary?

Ariel X: I use to be one of those girls who would not step out of the house without makeup. Like most kids, I was made fun of a lot. Things changed when my sister moved out and left me her makeup box. Suddenly I was getting hit on all the time, and people, the same people who were calling me ugly, were flocking to hang out with me.

I became very dependant on my camouflage, my makeup. I was in a long term relationship with a man, and he would tell me I was beautiful every time I was at home with out makeup on. He would also tell me all the time that he preferred me with little to no makeup. He really built my confidence up about learning to love the way I look, the body I have and all the little freckles I use to hate.

Doing a shoot without makeup was a little scary because, as confident as I think I am, I know there are people out there just waiting to talk shit about how ugly I am without makeup. But it was also exciting. I think I am naturally a pretty cute girl. I have great bone structure on my face and with dark hair my complexion looks pretty even. I thought it would be cool to shoot with no makeup so that the people who think "she's only pretty with the lighting and makeup" can see that I'm actually a pretty decent looking girl without all the glamour.

On the flip side, people who think I'm gorgeous may see the pictures and say, "Holy shit, lady, who erased your face". At any rate, Dave Naz definitely knows what he's doing, and he made me look HOT! He's another one of my favorite photographers.

Sez G: You live in LA, a city overwrought with plastic and silicone. What's your take on implants?

Ariel X: I love them and I fucking hate them. I love that they give women confidence. I know several girls who turned into new women after getting boob jobs. It's great that they finally got to be happy with their bodies. They are amazing little jugs of instant confidence. I like implants that are in proportion to a woman's body, ones that don't look way to fake. I don't like they way they feel, or the way they move.

I love the way real titties sway, the way they jiggle. Have you ever licked a fake tittie and given it a little nibble and then it squeaked at you…..seriously they squeak. Like the sound a balloon makes when you rub your finger down it…'s creepy. I guess I'm bitter that men's magazines love woman with fake tits, cause, well, obviously that just excludes me in all my natural splendor [grin].

Sez G: You speak openly about your real life girlfriend and do a lot of girl-girl shoots (including playing the butch groom in a very hot post-wedding celebration). Are you a lesbian or bi, and has this had any positive or negative effect on your modeling career?

Ariel X: I am confused sometimes. I love women. I love everything about women. I jerk off to women and thinking about caressing the curves of the female figure. I love they way they smell and the way they taste. Some days I think I am a lesbian; some days I hate men.

Then other days I have to admit to myself that I AM addicted to what the dick did. I love cock. I love the veins on the shaft, the shine of the head. I love balls and all that junk that comes with the unit.

Being able to enjoy myself with a woman on camera certainly cannot be a bad thing for my career. I'm never going to do any boy/girl work on camera so I make it a point to make the girl/girl things I do as sexy and as hard core as one can get bumping two fuzzies together.

Sez G: Mission accomplished! When did you open and what's the reception been like?

Ariel X: opened in September. It's been doing very well. I announced its launch in my yahoo group and on my Myspace profile, but other than that I didn't do much advertising, and it's doing very well for itself.

I do wish that the members would be more interactive. I love talking to fans; they can really come up with some good shit for content, I tell you. I love hearing about what turns people on. Oh OH and since the launch of the site, I've gotten so many pictures of cock…I can't even begin to tell you about it. I've also gotten a lot of emails from Christian organizations; they don't seem to like me.

Sez G: Pay them no mind, Ariel! How did you get into running and how important is it in your life?

Ariel X: I started running in grade school. There was this asshole kid who never wanted me to be on his soccer team because I was "too slow." One of my older brothers was taking track in high school, so I'd practice with him. By the age of 12 I was running well under an 8 minute mile. By the time I got into junior high I was under 6 minutes and finally in high school I broke a 5 minute.

I wasn't born with the natural talent. I saw girls who were, they were fast, and I was jealous. I worked at it; it took a lot of mental preparation to run races. I'm better at distance. My long distance running is what paid for my college.

I still run all the time. It helps me with stress, and it helps with my ass! Running is a major turn-on for me. I don't mean, watching people run. I mean when I run and my endorphins kick in and I can feel a burning in my muscles. It literally makes me horny. I have had many a jerk off sessions after a brisk jog, and I must say, that is the best way to stretch after a work out.

Sez G: You're taking a Java (computer) class? How did you get interested in that, and how's it going?

Ariel X: Yipes, JAVA….I was taking an online class because my brother started his own company developing software and he was looking for people who were familiar with Java. I look up to my brother (maybe its because he's filthy rich or maybe it's just because he's family), so when he suggested I get into programming, I didn't even need to blink before I made my decision.

Like any language, a student of Java needs constant exposure to it. I was taking a class one day a week, and I started to fall behind. I felt like such a loser, and I literally tap danced my way through that class. I got a certificate of completion, but I feel I cheated myself because I really didn't learn anything.

I am still trying though. I just got frustrated because my very first program would not execute, so I got pissed off and just gave up…..for the time being. I will definitely keep at it though and one day, I will be the master o' java.

Sez G: We have no doubt! What's coming up for you in the future?

Ariel X: It's no secret I'm a comic fanatic! I love old school, Silver Surfer, Batman, X-men. I am working on a comic that I will post on my site as I come up with new cells for it. I have a couple of indie films coming out in 2005. 2 horror flicks and 1 comedy. I love B-horror flicks, they are so bad, I can be the worst actress on the earth and people will still put me in their B-horror movies!!! YES.

I've got some great ideas for some sexy shirts I want to develop….of course using some of the hot images Kelly has taken of me. I hope to grace the pages of every adult magazine on the planet. I'm going to be working with all the hottest fetish models so there's bound to be some really hot sets on the site soon.

You mean more really hot sets. Check out to follow the super sexy career of this rising star!
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Ariel X - by Sez G