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Photo: Martin Perreault

French Canadian latex superstar Bianca Beauchamp is well known in the fetish circuit from gracing the covers of magazines like Skin Two and Playboy Lingerie, headlining the world's most prominent fetish balls, and making us melt in her two major websites, and

And who wouldn't want to see this little lady in a catsuit? "I feel very sexy when I wear latex," Beauchamp purrs in her French accent, "it makes me feel that my body is perfect." Even when she's not in a catsuit, her body looks perfect. Her personal site offers "heart warming photos" that prove she is equally sexy and seductive while wearing innocent sun hats, playing in balloons, laughing in the sand or taking a dip in a pastel, flowered bikini. No wonder she's up for Playboy's Model of the Year.

Latex or no latex, Beauchamp is a firecracker. One of the only things she hates is "an extreme, romantic attitude in the bed. I prefer it when it rocks!!" Bianca took some time from her slick, sexy, rocking life to speak with us about latex, love, make-up, moods, piercings, implants and developing her lifelong passions.

Sez G: You started Bianca's Latex Lair in '98. What was the initial public reaction, how has the site grown, how many people are involved in it now and how much time do you spend on it?

Bianca Beauchamp: Well, in the beginning, there were not many latex web sites so people who had a fetish for latex discovered my site and enjoyed it. I was actually pretty surprised to see how positive the reaction was from the latex lovers who visited. But back then (I was 18-19 years old), I never thought my web site would become popular. I was still studying to become a teacher and I had no intention to start a professional modeling career. My web site was just a fun way to express myself and my love for latex.

But during my second years of studies at university, a teacher found my sites and forced me to choose between teaching and modeling. I was 23, and this is when I realized how much my love for modeling had grown. So, I invested my heart, my time and my energy into my latex site by quitting school and my day job. Now I have the best webmaster (Martin Perreault) to make all this possible.

Sez G: Your personal site,, has a huge member gallery of playful, glamorous, cute, "normal" types of shots. How do these shoots differ from your latex ones? Is either one more "you?"

Bianca Beauchamp: The photos I present on my latex site are often the results of very elaborate scenarios with decors, high quality outfits, eccentric hair style and make-up. Latex itself is such an original material, and I think it can be very theatrical.

Last year, I started to think about modeling in bikinis, jeans, and even doing some more nude shots. I didn't want to mix my latex web site with glamour stuff, so in December 2003, my Glamour Lounge opened. I find that shooting in bikinis, in a dress or totally naked is way more easy than shooting in latex. It's less expensive (latex cost a lot!), less hot and it doesn't need necessary complex scenarios. Let say it's less theatrical.

I think both sites represent me very well, but if you ask me to choose which one is more me, I would have to say the latex one. I always express more emotions while I model in latex than when I am just naked. Probably because I am so theatrical myself. (grin)

Sez G: Do you have your latex custom made to fit you so slick and tight?

Bianca Beauchamp: I am a 32DD. In other words: small rib cage for big boobs. All latex tops and corsets have to be custom made. :-<

Sez G: You met Martin, your photographer and partner of ten years, when you were 17, and you started posing for his camera shortly afterwards. How did you eventually get over the discomfort you've said you felt when looking at pictures of yourself?

Bianca Beauchamp: I always liked being a seductress. Posing for Martin was not really posing, but seducing him. I just had to learn how to do it through the camera. I was good at posing, but the camera itself made me feel uncomfortable sometimes. I was insecure and I thought I would look silly on the pics.

I got over that insecurity with time. After all, at that time I was a young adult looking to find my identity! But the more I saw the results of the photos, the more I started to think that I was actually looking good in them. And one day, I just let go the insecurity and really started to improve my modeling.

Sez G: You've definitely triumphed over that struggle! You discovered latex when you were 18. How did it develop into one of the defining facets of your career?

Bianca Beauchamp: Well, I never would have guess I would become a model, and especially a fetish model. I paid 400$(CAN) for my first latex dress. I was just 18 years old and that was a lot of money for a girl who was working at McDonald's (yeah, seriously! Pfew!) I started modeling in latex when seeing Martin. I would dress up and he would snap some shots before we would go out to a fetish club or have some private fun. (grin)

The idea of sharing that fun with internet folks was his idea. I didn't know internet at all back then and I thought no one would come to my site to see me. I thought it was too normal, and people could see latex anywhere they wanted! I was just not aware that latex is not easily accessible in every city. Fetish clubs are not that easy to find either.

Sez G: When we spoke with Martin, he told us, "I think it is the dream of all artists to find a muse. I am extremely lucky to have found inspiration in my lover and grateful that she responded positively to my creative needs." Do you shoot with other photographers and how does that experience differ?

Bianca Beauchamp: Yes, I do shoot with other photographers, but of course, it's not as much fun as with Martin. Martin knows me, my reactions, my body.

Shooting for my boyfriend and my sites is more like exercising a personal hobby. There is no stress and no obligation, just fun and personal challenge. When I shoot with another photographer, the word "work" is in the back of my head. Also, every photographer has his or her own way of directing the shoot. Some don't give any feedback (which I hate) or ask you to hold a tough pose for 5 minutes (argh!), but some are balanced and ok to work with. I guess working with Martin is always secure for me, and I am never disappointed when I look at the pics after.

Sez G: You play so many different roles in front of the camera: from a nun to catwoman to a dreaded chick in a straight jacket to a school girl to a glamour queen. Do you have to prep like an actor to get into these characters, or do they evolve as the camera begins snapping?

Bianca Beauchamp: Those characters are all in me. They just wait to come out. Let's put it this way: each character is in fact an emotion and/or a status of living. The Crazy was good to let me scream some anger and passion. The nun was good to express innocence and softness. The Catwoman was the femme fatale in me, the mystery girl with a touch of danger… I go through more than just one emotion per shoot, but there is always an essence you can feel from the shoot. That essence lives in me, but has many faces.

Sez G: You once did a shoot in wearing ballet toe shoes. Do you dance?

Bianca Beauchamp: I actually can walk on ballet shoes and even with fetish ballet shoes (which is more painful), but I never took any ballet classes in my life. I just knew I would look great with ballet shoes and so one day, I bought a pair and I started to walk with them. It was tough but I always like challenges.

Sez G: These days, you're known for your fiery red hair. How often do you change your hair color, and does it also change your attitude in life?

Bianca Beauchamp: Am I really known for my red hair? Seriously, I know the color of my hair is unusual, especially in the Playboy world, but I didn't know it was becoming my trademark! I've had this color for 2 years now. Lately, I'm flirting with the idea of changing it back to dark brown or even blond… but I might stick to these red streaks for a while!

Sez G: You're pierced on all over, including on your labia. How has that affected your, um, life?

Bianca Beauchamp: I got my first piercings when I was fifteen, 8 in each ear. A few months later, I had my right nipple and belly button pierced, way before it started to be popular. Later, in my 20's, I got pierced on my labia and than on the hood of the clit. But that last one was removed few weeks after because it was too painful and had difficulty healing. Now, my labia's holes don't close so I can take them off as I want. It doesn't affect really my sex life because there is no sexual sensibility there. Labia is just skin, its not the clit. But it's damn sexy!!

Sez G: Gulp! Sure is! You've openly discussed your implants and their effect on your psyche. How have they affected your work in front of the camera?

Bianca Beauchamp: Well, I'll be honest, it sure helped my career. My natural breasts were sagging because of all the training at the gym. The implants helped a lot to make them look better. I had troubles with my first saline implants so I went back for bigger, silicone implants. I think this size balances my curvy hips. I don't think It would have been possible for me to have done the cover of Playboy with sagging, tiny boobs.

Sez G: You've done quite a few shoots in hoods and masks? How do you feel about them?

Bianca Beauchamp: It took me a long time to decide to try them on. I was associating masks and hoods with war, violence and rapes. But after seeing people wearing them in the fetish scene and after I saw some really great photos, I started to look at them more like art pieces and a good challenge to express myself differently without always showing my face. I think masks can make me look like a sculpture or a doll, especially the ones without a face.

Sez G: You don't wear much makeup in a lot of your shoots. What's your philosophy on this?

Bianca Beauchamp: I do like make-up a lot for shooting. I think I wear it more on my Latex site as it goes well with the bright colors of the latex or the ultra shine. For my glamour site, I just like it to be more natural "a la Playboy style."

In real life, I do like to wear make-up when I go out clubbing. During the day, I wear mascara and lip gloss only. I used to be a make-up freak when I was a teenager. I event slept with make-up! Can you believe that?!? But now, I like to be more natural. It feels great.

Sez G: What's next for you?

Bianca Beauchamp: Well, I have recently been selected to be part of the Top 20 Playboy models of 2005, and I will be competing to become the model of the year. So if you feel I deserve to win, please vote for me! I definitely need to corrupt them a little more. Mhoua ha ha!

The world would be a better place to be corrupted by you, Bianca! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. We'll be keeping an eye on your sites, your many moods and your modeling!
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Bianca Beauchamp - by Sez G.