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Buck Angel is one hot guy. Covered in tattoos and bulging with muscles, when he's staring sternly or longingly into the camera you can't decide whether you're scared of him, turned on or both. And that's just the beginning of the confusion.

Blurring all lines, titles, descriptions and other pigeon-holes, he is a self identified "male with a pussy." Now add to that his sexual escapades. offers hundreds of graphic soft core and hard core photos with pumping, sucking, strapping and many variations of screwing. Tristan Taormino described his website as, "See Buck fuck. See Buck suck. See Buck get sucked. See Buck get fucked." And see Buck look cool with many cigars, I might add.

The beauty of Buck Angel's website is that it has something for everyone. He straps it on and has sex with hot women, he jacks off secretly and alone in the woods, he binds, slices, burns and walks on submissive men, he plays dirty cop with naughty ladies, he turns boys and girls into his latex-sealed fuck slaves, and he even offers guest galleries supplied by other super sexy FTM's and MTF's.

Buck Angel is a porn star. His history, drive, anatomy and career make him unique among men, women, straights, gays, bi's and all transsexuals. He took some time off from his hot and heavy lifestyle to speak with us about crossing all boundaries.

Sez G: What about exhibitionism are you drawn to?

Buck Angel: In some sense I do like to shock people with my masculine body, and the fact that I have a pussy. I love to have sex in public (even when not working on porn). I enjoy the idea that people get turned on by watching; I like to have that effect. In some sense it is like you are having sex with the people who are engaged in watching. Even though the only contact is through their eyes, they are part of the experience, and that is exciting.

Sez G: You're a pioneer in sexualizing the female-to-male world. Why do you think you're the first to do it on the net, and are you still the only one?

Buck Angel: I don't think there are many men out there with pussies who are as comfortable with their bodies. That tends to be a bit of a sore spot for a lot of FTM guys--that they don't have a penis. So they don't really deal with that part of their bodies, much less celebrate it. Also, I know that a lot of FTM guys just want to blend in, and this sort of attention is not something they desire. And yes, is still the only FTM porn site on the internet.

Sez G: When did you begin What sort of public reaction have you gotten?

Buck Angel: I started the site in February of 2003 and the reaction has been amazing. There has been a fair amount of press (Village Voice, Jane's Guide,, and attention, because this type of porn is so new and different. I was kind of surprised at the many different types of people who have expressed interest: gay men, lesbians, transsexuals, straight and bi! Pretty much every type of person! I've been interviewed twice on a Rock and Roll radio station from Kansas City. They even made a song for me, "Man-gina"! That's pretty special....

Sez G: Where do you meet the people who are featured with you on your site? How well do you know them?

Buck Angel: I've made a fair amount of contacts through and some through Most of the performers are hired talent except for my wife and a few friend fuck-buddies.

Sez G: Your tattoos are pretty awesome. What do they represent to you?

Buck Angel: They mark different events and periods of my life. They are a bit of a road map of my travels and experiences, but some are just decorative. I have a memorial tattoo for my dog, and the name of my adoptive daughter tattooed on me. Those, obviously, mark very important things for me.

Sez G: Do you prefer sleeping with men or women? Do you identify with a specific sexuality?

Buck Angel: I like to fuck both men and women. I suppose if I have to put a label on it would be "bi" but really I'm just open to sexy people who turn me on.

Sez G: When did you begin making yourself physically more "butch?"

Buck Angel: I've always been a dude with a pussy. Even when I was little. The hormones pushed it a step further, but all my life I've been masculine. I never really was a girl....

Sez G: When did you decide to move forward with transformation surgery and hormones?

Buck Angel: It was about 10 years ago. I had my chest surgery about 6 years ago. I'm sure I would have done it sooner if I had been aware that it was an option.

Sez G: What was it like to have your breasts removed? Scary? Liberating?

Buck Angel: Both. Definitely more liberating than anything. I have always been way more comfortable with my pussy than my breasts. The day the surgery was done, that was the day I definitely became a man. You can't imagine how amazing it is to grow up with breasts, and hide and bind them all those years, and then be able to pull my shirt off in public! Wow!

Sez G: What are your biggest turn-ons?

Buck Angel: People who are open to trying new things and who are comfortable with their bodies. And since I'm a very dominant individual, people who genuinely submit themselves to me really turn me on.

Sez G: You seem pretty buff and tough! What's your work-out regimen?

Buck Angel: I work out about 4-5 times a week, about 1-1.5 hours of weight training, first thing in the morning. I have a consistent healthy diet with a lot of protein. It is really important to watch your diet when you take testosterone. It can really pack the weight on, and not muscle, unless you really work at it.

Sez G: Do you find that you're pursued more by straight men, gay men, gay women or straight women?

Buck Angel: I would say probably gay men, but they are the most likely to be pursuers, right...? I definitely have fans from all of those categories, though. And I have to admit I enjoy the fan mail I receive from them.

Sez G: As an FTM, do you feel accepted by the MTF community?

Buck Angel: Yes, I think they do like me and are very supportive. Some of them are afraid to have sex with me though. One of my best friends is a member of that community, Saigon Lee, and I am the webmaster for her website We are very close.

Sez G: It seems that a lot of FTM's are vigilant feminists. Where do you stand on feminism?

Buck Angel: I'm not a rabid feminist, but I am most definitely supportive of the cause. Seeing how people interact with me now as a man, after living for so many years as a woman definitely makes me sensitive to this.

Sez G: Do you feel accepted by the general FTM community?

Buck Angel: I've never really been a big part of the FTM community. To be honest I identify more as a man with a pussy than as FTM.

I've gotten mixed reviews from the FTM community about the site. I've had some write to tell me how hot it is, and how thrilled they are to see me showing an FTM as a sexual person. I know I've helped some guys to feel comfortable with themselves, and that's fantastic. I have gotten mail about that.

But I've also seen disapproval from them with postings about how disgusting what I'm doing is and I've received some hate mail from FTMs. On the whole, they don't tend to be my biggest buyers of memberships or videos, which is fine. Definitely a mixed bag.

Sez G: What's next for you?

Buck Angel: I'm working on new videos, and seeking distribution in the mainstream market. I'm not playing up the freakish, novelty aspect. I'm trying to really bring FTM porn in as a new genre. I remember when chicks with dicks/shemales were considered shocking and outrageous. Now it is a "normal" type of porn that is common and accepted. I hope to bring FTM porn to the same status.

Thanks for inviting me to participate and I hope you enjoy the photos. If anyone has any questions for me, or if you want to shoot some porn with me, feel free to email!

Thanks for speaking with us Buck! You can check out more of the hot, heavy, naughty and sexy life of Buck Angel at
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Buck Angel - by Sez G