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Photo: Ed Fox

Fetish model Emily Marilyn is a latex superstar. In between suiting up (and sometimes disrobing) regularly for the premiere names in erotic photography, she travels the world over to star in the biggest fetish events. Recently, she returned from The Psychobilly Festival in Calellam, Spain, the German Fetish Ball in Berlin and multiple shoots in London.

Her website is packed full of all the down and dirty visual details from her escapades. In over 300 galleries, she adopts dozens of personas; she's everything from a villainous, playful latex lady to a bitchy dominatrix to a struggling submissive to a soft and sultry lingerie supermodel. Most of the galleries also offer Marilyn's brief personal summary of the shoot. Hot hot hot!

Emily Marilyn took a few minutes away from life in front of a camera to speak with us about the ladies of fetish, the feeling of latex and being on the cover of the Summer 2004 Skin Two.

Sez G: You adopt different characters in each of your shoots. Where do the ideas for the characters come from? How is their look and attitude developed?

Emily Marilyn: There isn't much of a method to my mayhem. The look of the day generally depends on my mood and whatever jumps out at me as I sort through my massive closet. I was gothic when I was a teenager and occasionally I use that goth instinct in my makeup application. Working with Andrew Blake and Christophe Mourthé has taught me to mix things up such as using a neck collar as an arm band, earrings as hair accessories, gloves as hats and so on…

Sez G: You've got quite a collection of latex! Are your constantly on the look-out and where do you like to shop for it?

Emily Marilyn: I have literally hundreds of rubber outfits, and you can't overlook my never-ending high heel and boot collection. I have been collecting latex clothing and kinky footwear since I was 13 years old. My mother mail ordered one of my first rubber outfits for me from Latexa. I remember feeling very excited when the package arrived!

Latex has always been a sexual turn on. The scent, the feel, the look… I'm just ga-ga for it! I have grown very devoted to certain designers over the past few years such as Vex Clothing based in Chicago, IL. She does the majority of my custom clothing. I love Atsuko Kudo from London as well. Atsuko designs most of my stage show costumes. For serious heavy rubber I'm devoted to Marquis from Germany. Every designer offers something different.

Sez G: And every model! You have a lot of shots with other big-time fetish models, like Masuimi, Kumi and Bianca. How do you meet other ladies of fetish, what's your relationship with them, and what are the shoots with them like?

Emily Marilyn: Immediately we have something in common, which is our career choice and interest in the fetish scene. It's very rare, if ever, that I have not hit if off with a girl from this industry. We are of a certain breed. I've admired photographs of Kumi with her bondage and latex, Bianca with those gorgeous curves and Masuimi with her doll-like features all long before ever meeting any of them. A photoshoot with each girl is a unique experience!

Sez G: You've worked with most of the major fetish photographers out there. Do you have a special connection with one in particular?

Emily Marilyn: Christophe Mourthé... Definitely Christophe Mourthé… I've never felt more beautiful than when I shoot with him.

Sez G: Your site offers a very extensive collection of photo shoots. How often do you do a shoot for your site?

Emily Marilyn: I shoot all the time for my website. I really enjoy shooting in Europe since there is more of an emphasis on over-the-top make-up and styling. The perfect example is Christophe Mourthé's work. He creates the ultimate fantasy imagery; that is exactly what I'm trying to get across in my photos. I tend to shoot with the same photographers again and again. It's nice to build a relationship between model and photographer over time.

Sez G: You do a lot of your shoots in latex. Is this your biggest turn-on? What are your other favorite fetishes?

Emily Marilyn: There are A LOT of different things that get me going. Latex is definitely at the top of my list, but it's not the only thing. It just so happens that it's what I've been inspired by most lately.

Honestly I'd rather be clothed than absolutely naked. I am a very visual woman. A corset and vintage stockings is hornier to me than plain nudity. Dressing for pleasure is my guilty sin. I am all about sensations. If it feels good against my flesh then I'm hungry for more. My other fetishes? Too many to list and most of them I leave behind closed doors… heh.

Sez G: Unless, of course, we can get them on film! You played a part in the hit movie "Fetish Academy III". Was it fun? Have you done other films and do you prefer them to photo shoots?

Emily Marilyn: "Fetish Academy III" was a Marquis production shot in Germany. I was very horny being all rubbered up and hooded for 3 days straight surrounded by 6 girls dressed as rubber dolls! I was in high heaven. I love the anonymity involved in heavy rubber/hoods… covering a person's identity is sexy. I have also starred in 2 Andrew Blake films, "Justine" and "Adriana." Working with Andrew Blake has been an absolute dream.

I do prefer video to stills. Most photographers who have worked with me will tell you that I love moving in front of the camera. This sometimes gets me in trouble if I must remain still! Modeling is an extension of my sexuality. I certainly don't stay still when I'm ... um...excited...if you know what I mean.

Sez G: I think we can all agree! You are on the cover of the Summer 2004 issue of Skin Two. Congratulations! How did that come to fruition, and did the shoot differ from your "usual" shoots?

Emily Marilyn: I shot the cover of Skin Two #48 (The 20th anniversary issue) this past April in London. The photographer was the legendary Bob Carlos Clarke, and six designers contributed to the photo shoot. The idea was to unite an important photographer from the year that Skin Two started (Bob), a new fetish model (me), and the best London based latex designers around today (House of Harlot, Atsuko Kudo, Libidex, Torture Harden, Ectomorph, and Skin Two). The results are fantastic, if I do say so myself. I have an 8 page layout inside which is breathtaking.

This particular photo shoot was different from the majority of my other shoots because it was on a HUGE set with tons of assistants and a gourmet catered lunch. Bob and I had amazing chemistry together. I hope to shoot with him again soon.

Sez G: You travel, it seems, to every major fetish event in the world. Does it wear you down and do you ever get to take a break?

Emily Marilyn: I'm obsessed! This is my world. This has been my world since I was a young teenager and it's never going to change. I'm just grateful that I've been able to travel to all these events such as I do! Paris, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Tokyo… I seriously get around. The best part is getting to know everyone involved in the community. We all have a common interest which brings us together. It's great. Down time for me is when I am at home in Hollywood or my home away from home, London.

Sez G: What's next for you?

Emily Marilyn: This year I'm concentrating on my fetish stage shows. I'm eager to see what next year brings!

So are we, Emily! If you want to learn more about this shooting fetish superstar, check out
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Emily Marilyn - by Sez G