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Jami Deadly, a retro tease from Texas, is the epitome of a glamorous, jaw-dropping bombshell. She combines the roles of horror hostess, burlesque performer and Marilyn impersonator into a boundary-shattering package with some deadly curves. According to Jami, her personal recipe includes "1 cup sex kitten, 1 cup morbid minx, 1/2 teaspoon peroxide, 1/4 teaspoon red lipstick, a dash of naughty and a dash of nice. Pour into skin tight dress. Garnish with high heels and diamonds..." Ms. Deadly took some time to speak with us about her coffin, beauty "secrets" and inspirations.

Sez G: Why are you Deadly?

Jami Deadly: Well, dahling, I'm a femme fatale, a vamp, and a bombshell all rolled into one. A swish of the hips, and I knock 'em dead with my curves, and when I knock 'em dead, they stay dead!

Sez G: Ah, but like a siren, your warnings are no match for your powerful draw! When did you begin to model yourself after Marilyn Monroe? Or did Vampira win you over first? And why these two seemingly opposite ladies?

Jami Deadly: Marilyn Monroe had been a source of inspiration to me since I was but a little girl. I dreamed of one day becoming a blonde sex-bomb myself, and she began a love affair with the 1950's for me.

When I hit my teenage years, my love of gothic horror began to take root, and that's when I discovered Vampira. Her 50's glamour mixed with her cool sensuality made me rethink my ideals of beauty, and the type of power a woman can achieve through her femininity.

Jami Deadly was born out of these two amazing women. What if a blonde bombshell like Marilyn thought living in a cemetery and sleeping in a pink coffin were as normal as anything?

Sez G: Speaking of the coffin…Do you really have a pink custom coffin? Do you sleep in it? Do you close the lid when you're in it?

Jami Deadly: It's my most prized possession dahling! It is oh-so-cozy and the perfect place to catch my beauty sleep! The inside is padded and lined in soft spiderweb velvet. Closing the lid keeps a girl snug and pale (oh, that horrid sunlight!). It's also a wonderful place to spend some quality time with a sexy zombie boy or werewolf.

Sez G: You're a big sci-fi and horror fan. What are some of your favorite movies?

Jami Deadly: I love classic sci-fi/horror movies: Creature From the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein, Them!, The Fly, House on Haunted Hill, etc!

Sez G: You perform at a lot of fetish events. What are your performances like?

Jami Deadly: I enjoy stripping out of retro style rubber outfits, playing with messy, fun themes such as making myself into a giant hot fudge sundae, and even incorporating Marilyn into latex!

Sez G: Delicious! When did you launch, and how has it helped shape your career?

Jami Deadly: DeadlyCurves has been developing an underground following since 1999, but only recently have I turned it into a members pay site. Now I update weekly with full sets featuring latex, corsetry, sky-high heels, uniforms, messy fun, horror, bondage, vintage girdles, glove fetish, foot fetish, and stockings.

Sez G: And a following you indeed have! You have over 2000 fans in your Yahoo Group. How much interaction do you have with them? Does your dark side attract some, um, freaky types?

Jami Deadly: I've always been very responsive to my fans, and appreciate every single one of them despite having some pretty crazy emails over the years. I could actually probably write a book about that one of these days!

I always take the time to respond to emails and postings. I think its extremely important to have a lot of interaction with people who take the time to follow your career.

Sez G: You have two hot sets with Masuimi on your site. It looks like you guys had fun playing together! Tell me about those shoots.

Jami Deadly: I love working with Masuimi and am working with her again this month! I think we get along so famously because we are both southern gals at heart, and we have the same sense of humor. I can't tell you how many times we were in hysterics during our "cupcake killer" shoot. Smooshing icing and "poisoning" Masuimi was just about as much fun as a gal can have!

Sez G: Mmm hmm, no doubt. You host a local Texas horror TV show, Deadly Cinema. What's it like?

Jami Deadly: Well, it stars yours truly hosting terrible Z-grade horror movies from the 1960's via my pink coffin. I also have monster host sidekicks, and you should see the sexy zany fun I get into! So far it has had success around the world, and we will be releasing a DVD set of it by the end of the year.

Sez G: How long does it take you to get your signature red lipstick perfect?

Jami Deadly: I pretty much have it worked out to a science. It involves a lipstick, liner, and gloss. This glamour ghoul is not secretive about it however... the recipe is available on my website. Red lipstick and a pair of heels are all a woman needs to be fabulous.

Sez G: We trust that you know! What are your personal fetishes?

Jami Deadly: I love the feel of skintight clothing on my body, be it latex, satin, corsetry or kidskin leather gloves. I love dressing up to the nines to go just about anywhere. I find great pleasure in being a woman and showing off my curves in vintage clothing, stockings, gloves, stilettos, and hats.

Sez G: What's coming up for you in the future?

Jami Deadly: I'll be appearing in both Marquis and Skin Two this month! I'll also be traveling overseas for some upcoming fetish events and touring the US with my burlesque act.

Quite an act it must be! You can learn more about Jami Deadly at and
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Jami Deadly - by Sez G