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Photo: Allen Falkner

It seems like the beautiful figure of Masuimi Max in her bright, tight, slick and sexy outfits is everywhere we look these days. The half-Korean, half-German beauty has modeled for almost every major fetish photographer out there, she's spokesmodeled for numerous clothing companies and fetish events, she's in almost every fetish magazine published these days and her smokin' body is all over the internet.

And we're not complaining! This gun slingin', tattoo covered troublemaker is driven, talented and super fine. She took some time out of her insane touring schedule to speak with us about life, love and latex.

Sez G: It seems like you travel all the time, attending every fetish event or major party in the world. Is your life a non-stop sexy performance piece?

Masuimi Max: YES! Not only am I performing at all the major fetish events, I am a spokesmodel for Fuel, a "lifestyle" brand bringing together the world of cars, music and entertainment.

Sez G: Very cool. But Fuel's in the UK. Where's your home base?

Masuimi Max: I own a home in Dallas with my husband as well as an apartment in LA.

Sez G: What's YOUR biggest fetish?

Masuimi Max: My biggest fetish is life itself and all that is fabulous. I love sexy lingerie, latex, leather, metal, high heels, boots, corsets and I really enjoy VARIETY!

Sez G: That variety really comes across on your website and your print shoots. What major print modeling do you have going on right now?

Masuimi Max: I just came out on the cover of Import Tuner Aug. 2004, sold everywhere! It is a mainstream car mag. Also, I'm on the cover of famed pinup artist Olivia's newest book, American Geisha. HUGE HONOUR!

Sez G: You're married to world-renown photographer Allen Falkner. How often do you do shoots with him? What are they like?

Masuimi Max: It is very easy to shoot with someone you are comfortable with. We also have a very nice photo-studio in our house.

Sez G: You have done many photo shoots with guns. Do you own any?

Masuimi Max: I own several. In fact, Allen just bought me a shotgun!

Sez G: Bad ass! Can't wait to see the pix. You post images on your site of you without makeup and before breast implants. This seems unique in the modeling world, to expose yourself so honestly. What's your philosophy on this?

Masuimi Max: I am not embarrassed by how I look or used to look. Like wigs, I wear makeup to create different imagery.

Why did I get breast implants? My mom died when I was 6 years old. My most vivid recollection of her is sitting in the bathtub with her, wondering why my boobs didn't look like hers. Heh heh, I was under 6 years old, I had NO idea! She would always tell me that I would look like her when I grew up. I thought that if I played with them all the time they would grow.. ha haaaa...

When I got into my teens, most of the girls in my school had bigger boobs than me, but mine never grew. For some reason, perfection to me was to have my mom's body shape. I decided what beauty was from looking at my mom before I knew that boys liked em too!

Sez G: The tattoos on your arms representing the sounds of your name are one of your trademarks. Tell me about them.

Masuimi Max: The lettering on my arms represents the way my name sounds "Ma-Su-Me." This lettering is called Hirigana and Katakana and they represent sounds, not letters. I am actually in the process of getting the lettering lasered off my arms for a few different reasons, this confusion being one of them. I will be posting photos on my site of the progress soon.

Sez G: Are you really the webmaster of How did you get into design and code?

Masuimi Max: Yes, I am the designer and webmaster of my site. I decided to take matters into my own hands when I wasn't getting what I wanted out of using a webmaster. I update frequently, almost everyday!

Sez G: What's it like to eat a potato bug? [Editor's Note: Masuimi appeared on the daredevil US television program Fear Factor. She ate a potato bug and exclaimed "It tastes like sushi!"]

Masuimi Max: It wasn't that bad at the moment… but when I think back it grosses me out.

Sez G: Uh, yeah, understandable. I hear you have four nipples? What's that about?

Masuimi Max: Born with em. I would have been burned at the stake back in the dark ages.. The extra nipple or 'witch's teat' was supposed to be a particularly certain and damning mark of the Devil because it was bestowed upon a witch so she could "give suck to her familiar" when the Devil took animal or reptile form. "Evidence" of this nature was particularly frequent in witch trials in Britain. The Act of Parliament of King James I against witchcraft specifically mentioned those who "consult, covenant with, entertain, employ, feed or reward any evil and wicked spirit," making it an offence punishable by death.

Sez G: Woah. So you could feed the devil? Thank God you use your evil powers to do good 'n' sexy in the world! What projects are you currently working on and what's next for you?

Masuimi Max: Acting. I will be big someday, you'll see!

Masuimi, you're one of the hottest women out there, so we think you're big time already. Check out more of Masuimi Max at

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Masuimi Max - by Sez G