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Photo: Emma Delves-Broughton

German born glamour, fetish and erotic model Tall Goddess (aka Lorraine) lives up to her name. This sensual, leggy blonde measures in at 6' 1" (185 cm) in bare feet. She has traveled the globe performing on runways, modeling in magazines, directing her own erotica and generally looking super-fine.

Her website is no slouch either. She offers over 15,000 pictures and video clips, including 7,000 steamy nude photos shot from all over Asia, Europe and the US. There are sections dedicated purely to reveling in her height, watching her lush lips suck on a ciggie, checking out those fine, fair feet, and lounging with her lengthy legs.

Tall Goddess took spoke with us about how her work has evolved, why she left the BDSM world behind and why she loves touching the breasts of other hot chicks.

Sez G: One aspect of your sex appeal is your height (you even offer over 300 photos of hot "height comparisons" on your site). Were you always the tallest kid your age growing up, and when did you finally grow confidently into its beauty?

Tall Goddess: I wasn't tall as a child, but I started growing taller than the other girls when I was about 12 or 13. It took a few years to really love my height and the fact that I will always stand out simply because of it. Some men adore height, others don't mind and some really don't like it or find it intimidating. But there's always a reaction.

Sez G: You grew up in Germany. When did you move to LA and why?

Tall Goddess: I officially moved to LA in June 2003. It was the dream of my life to live in the U.S.. I owe this country a lot- it's a wonderful place, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to live and work here.

Sez G: You've had your website ( since '98. How has it and its role in your life evolved since you started it?

Tall Goddess: It has changed a lot! I started my website as a hobby. I got to know my webmaster James in the dungeon I used to pro-domme in (I once was Germany's youngest pro-dominatrix). Those days, we only featured BDSM related material on the site. I didn't even take topless photos…not because I didn't want to, but because in the S&M world nudity didn't exist.

That changed when I came to the U.S. with James for the first time in late '99. I met Eric Kroll- one of the most famous fetish photographers- in the Motel 6 on Hollywood Blvd. He shot James and me in a BDSM session together. He also required nudity, so that was that!

Eric Kroll was the first professional photographer to shoot photos of me, which were for the magazine Leg Show.

I came back to LA in Jan. 2000 and started glamour and nude modeling, which I continue to do. I have modeled in magazines like Skin Two, Taboo, Leg World, Hustler, Marquis, Pirate, Gallery, Forum and High Society. I have also worked for many lingerie labels and fetish fashion designers as a print and runway model.

Sez G: Your site no longer features a lot of that BDSM…

Tall Goddess: No, now my website is much more glamour, erotic & fetish oriented than it was in the early days. I do mostly solo and girl-girl shoots, and I am very proud of the fact that I have the chance to shoot with some of the most beautiful and well known glamour models in the world. I truly enjoy that part of my work.

Sez G: You have a section on your site dedicated to horse riding. Are you an avid equestrian, was this for the Pony Play fans, or both?

Tall Goddess: I come from generations of professional horse riders. In Germany, my family is made up of horse riders. My aunt just came back from Athens, were she participated in the Olympics as a Dressage rider. I am not an active equestrian anymore, but for that photoshoot I thought it might something unusual for my members to look at. The whole riding outfit is kind of a fetish, too. The boots, the crop…

Sez G: You were a model in the Eminem video for "My Band." What was that experience like? Did you kick his ass???

Tall Goddess: No :-) I am not really into kicking ass, I just like to play it up sometimes. Anyhow, it was a cool experience to shoot that video, first of all, because I got to hang around with him, which was interesting. Also because I never did a music video before, and it was like a day of "Alice in Wonderland." An excursion you do that has nothing to do with your everyday life. It was great!

Sez G: Okay, ummm, do you really have a wolf?

Tall Goddess: Yeah, she's 3/4 wolf. Her father was a Grey wolf, her mother half Grey wolf, half dog. Her name is PJ and we adopted her after her owner was murdered - long story, awful circumstances. Anyway, PJ is my "babydog" and, I know it sounds weird, but she's really cat-like. Photos of her are in my backstage section on my website.

Sez G: You have sections on your site dedicated to smoking and foot fetishes. What are your biggest personal fetishes?

Tall Goddess: I love the smoking fetish. I like guys (older guys... even a lot older), I like beautiful women, (I LOVE Asian girls as you can see on my website ), and that's about it. I like to keep the details mainly to myself…

Sez G: You shoot a lot of very hot and steamy sets with other women. Is this more fun than solo shooting? What about it are you drawn to?

Tall Goddess: Both solo and girl-girl shooting are fun. Like many glamour nude and fetish models, I like to shoot with other models, because I get to touch their boobs for free :-) Okay, for real, both are fun, and in the end it's a conscious business decision based on what my website needs.

Sez G: What's coming up for you in the next few months?

Tall Goddess: Ha! A LOT. At the end of this year my first real movie will be coming out. Andrew Blake featured me in his latest film. If you follow his films, you will not be able to miss mine, I can promise you that! The title will tell it all.

Apart from that, I started directing Tease and Denial movies for a small fetish erotica company last year, and we are on the verge of becoming a professional adult video company. I direct under the name Lo Jack and from the first 3 movies I directed you can see free movie trailers here (look for "directed by Lo Jack" on the covers).

I just shot my first feature movie for Venus Girls Productions which will come out end of 2004. And of course my personal website is updated all the time, featuring hopefully many more sexy and controversial photoshoots in the next few years!

My love to all of you out there!

Love back at you, Tall Goddess. We have no doubt there are some big things coming your way in the future! To learn more about this leggy lady, check out
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Tall Goddess - by Sez G