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select interviews by Sez G. with erotic photographers and models.
originally published by Eros Zine.

Norman Richter - Feb 19, 08
...The slick shine of his latex is so immaculately lit that the photos seem almost wet, and his muse stretches and sprawls in her skin-tight glossy colors with such glamour and grace that the resulting art is exquisitely polished in every way... More »

Matt Lombard - Jan 22, 08
The disturbing, creative vision of Wisconsin artist Matt Lombard seems to touch a direct nerve to our darkest dreams. The work is powerful, surreal, terrifying, seductive, haunting and memorable, all signs of highly effective and beautiful art. We spoke with Lombard about his creative concepts, music, and the Midwest. More »

Wolf 189 - Jan 08, 08
A photographer always offers a secret, voyeuristic thrill to the viewers of his or her artistic product, but aliased artist Wolf189 elevates the private, sensual moments of his models to extreme voyeuristic levels. The viewer often gets the feeling that not even the photographer was in the room. His skillful composition, framing and lighting capture naturally intimate images that reveal the sadness and desires we all hold inside. More »

Banjamin Furland - Dec 11, 07
The precision of imagery in Benjamin Furland's art is immediately apparent in each of his photos. Every detail -- from makeup, to fashion, to pose, to lighting -- is meticulously played out to vibrant ends. Whether they're delicately glamorous women of golden eras or colorful playthings in fantasy worlds, his models are elevated to a status of mythical beauty. We spoke with the Argentinean photographer about his concepts, process and work ethic. More »

Dahmane - Nov 27, 07
Iconic French photographer Dahmane feels a natural connection between urban landscape and nudes. The lines, shadows and form of his exquisite architectural and cityscape work make for a perfect match with the sensual beauty of his Parisian models in his definitive photo montages. More »

Guido Argentini - Nov 13, 07
Viewing the silver torsos photographed by Italian photographer Guido Argentini can feel like sneaking into a secret. The seductive statues are frozen in their fluidity, cast in their eroticism for eternity, and Argentini's other series have the same powerfully silent motion. The female form is part of the landscape, private erotic moments are voyeuristically captured in boudoirs, perfect hands and lips are quietly pulsing. We spoke with Argentini about the evolution of his female form. More »

Andy Julia - Oct 02, 07
French fashion photographer Andy Julia has extracted the high class, antique sensuality from centuries-worth of art and combined it with his modern day urban fashionistas to produce riveting images. His photos are so glamorously vacant and edgy that it's easy to slip through the looking glass into the sexual secrets of his models. We spoke with Julia about the passions and fashions of his modern day and lost eras. More »

Tiny Dragon - Aug 07 07
Tiny Dragon Productions is a digital effects powerhouse of one. TDP, aka Krista Benson, brings to life creative visions of fantasy, sci-fi, eroticism, comics, and anime to produce richly textured images that traverse the planes of reality, imagination and dreamscape. We spoke with Benson about her work on Hollywood's blockbuster films by day and her enchanting fantasy world by night. More »

Miss Red - July 24 07
The quirky personalities of Miss Red's models thrust from their mischievous gazes amidst a torrent of color and costume. Red creates an adult wonderland with her lens, a world of fantastically hued sets and kittenish characters. The draw is not simply the playfully gorgeous Parisian muses, but also the universe in which they frolic. We spoke with Red about the chromatic alt-reality she so imaginatively creates. More »

Johnny Flamethrower - June 26 07
There's an electric sexuality that leaps from the images of Chicago photographer Johnny Flamethrower. Women stretch in their bindings and writhe in bridled anticipation while clean light and deep color dance freely around them. Sharp stilettos and fishnets are juxtaposed with ball gags and leashes, but whether his models are dominating or in submission, the hunger of their eyes makes clear that they are in a position of power. We spoke with Flamethrower about real fetish vs. the fad of fetish, what turns him on, and the true intention of his art. More »

Paul Banner - June 12 07
Italian photographer Paul Banner is at his best in an empty room at dusk. There, he shoots blazing images of a temptress electrified with eroticism and shrouded in shadows. We rarely see her face, but her limber body tells us everything. We spoke with Paul through poor translation to see what drives him to paint lust with light. More »

Alva Bernadine - May 29 07
The point of view expressed by Alva Bernadine through his art is equal parts fascinating, surprising, humorous and downright freaky. Brilliantly playing with light, mirrors and stop-motion, he unites the disembodied shells of his models with the everyday world, creating the "anti-portrait" in his surrealist world. We spoke with Bernadine about the male gaze, religion and a juxtaposed world. More »

Nikola Tamindzic - May 15 07
NYC photographer Nikola Tamindzic knows a good party. Not only that, but he seems to attend every hot and sexy event in New York City, which is clearly no small feat. Whether he's bumping elbows with the stars or hanging out with all the "naked-on-a-school-night hipsters" in town, he somehow captures the beautiful underworld's intimate nightlife with vibrant color and sensually wicked candor. We spoke with Nikola about being in the heart of the city's parties and shooting an immense and awesome portfolio along the way. More »

The images that emerge from the camera of San Francisco photographer Aaron Hawks offer more than just glamour, beauty or eroticism. They traverse the barrier between artist and viewer to pierce us with loneliness, haunt us with forgotten nightmares, and melt away all constructs of reality. Within his fabricated sets of broken furniture and peeling wallpaper, the model and photographer achieve a comfort level that allows them to transcend traditional vision or being; we instead enter a seductively dark dimension that somehow seems to be more honest. More »

The visions of Nelly Recchia are as shocking, mournful and complex as the work she ultimately creates. Technically, this French-Italian artist is a body painter, but the title doesn't truly capture her role, skill or dark imagination. Recchia transforms her models into haunting visions of pained puppets through transcendent makeup, lighting, poses and photographs. She spoke with us about the theory of beauty, the media's role in it and the metamorphosis of her human canvases. More »

There's an unnerving darkness in the artwork of Jeffery Scott. Inspiration he draws from the beauty of women is not morphed into a sexy, idyllic world flush with rosy flirtations. Instead, Scott's art rattles the viewer with piercing commentaries on beauty, relationships and humanity, exposing our universal cruelties and grotesque inner mechanisms. Holding a fun-house mirror up to our carefully constructed realities, he forces us to question which side is real. Scott spoke with us about his inspirations, nightmares and artistic evolution. More »

Nadya Lev
The subjects of fashion and fetish photographer Nadya Lev's photographs possess haunting gazes and wear costumes telling bizarre tales. They rise up starkly in sharp lighting, arresting and captivating the viewer with something erotic though distant, something delicious though hollow, something solitary and something riveting. More »

The photographs of Brighton artist Antone Pavlov are immediately recognizable. Sepia toned and starkly set, his only muse, Molly, stands or sits clad in a corset, stockings or nothing at all. Her skeletal frame draws our line of vision up the jutting figure to meet her huge haunting eyes... eyes that are impossible to read. They are at once dead and pleading, empty and curious. She's a model, a doll, a corpse, a sex object, a hunger, a figurine, a need and a fantasy. We spoke with Pavlov about his obsession with creating surreal art with a living puppet. More »

The dark, post-apocalyptic worlds of Dutch photographer Sander Steins often place seemingly omniscient women in the calm eye of disaster. Steins' combination of disturbing visions, masterful digital retouching, unique fashions and haunting lighting have created a netherworld he predicts we have earned as a human race. We spoke with Steins about art, hope and humanity. More »

Preeminent fetish photographer Christine Kessler lives and loves her perversions -- everything from "challenging Shibari bondage to hot chicks in latex or super-tight corsets." On MyFetishDiary.com, she not only offers hundreds of deliciously perverse photo sets, but she includes personal accounts of why, exactly, each shoot was even hotter than you can imagine. The result is a nuanced combination of stunning graphic content, enticingly foxy chicks, and personal emotion rarely acknowledged within the pages of even the sexiest erotic sites. More »

Toby Slater Hunt
Icarus as a trapeze artist, Christ blowing blood-bubbles through the holes in his or her hands, Ophelia about to dive into a cup of water, Joan of Arc as a fire breather... the icons have certainly fallen into a dark and deviant underground carnival in the mind of Toby Slater-Hunt. The British photographer has been shooting his brilliantly twisted and mesmerizing series Iconival for almost two years now. Toby took some time to speak with us about his life in the circus. More »

River Clark
Cloaked in shadows with occasional sparks of color, the subjects of River Clark's photographs pop from their surroundings with vivid, shocking beauty. Clark's uncanny ability to seize the viewer with subtlety exemplifies why he's one of the most sought after fashion and beauty photographers today. More »

Lithium Picnic
Houston based photographer Lithium Picnic shoots powerful fashion, fetish and conceptual pieces. Whether it's a magazine supermodel or a dark and funky Suicide Girl, his images are meticulously lit, set and framed, presenting more than a pretty face. Sometimes quietly harrowing and other times brimming with electric energy, they shock the viewer with something beyond beauty. More »

Emma Wilcox
LA photographer Emma Wilcox is fresh on the fetish art scene, and her unique attitude coupled with a female perspective produce seductive yet strong pieces. Her surreal vision of the world simultaneously beckons and unnerves the viewer, resulting in powerful art. Emma spoke with us about her connection with the fetish world and subtle appreciation of smog. More »

Lisa Boyle
When Playboy model Lisa Boyle stepped behind the camera to begin shooting her own electrifying erotic images, she took the phrase "more than just a pretty face" to a whole new level. The modest, down-to-earth Boyle is driven, passionate and gifted at creating her intoxicatingly sexy photos. We spoke with Lisa about the twists in both her career and ambitions that led her to be one of the hottest photographers in the world today. Literally More »

Joshua Rubin
Against a stark studio backdrop and stripped of color (and often clothing), NYC photographer Joshua Rubin's models animate and electrify his images with their facial and body expressions alone. Devoid of traditional "seduction," his latest black and white series on sex industry workers and burlesque performers offers a fascinating look into the human, quirky spirits of his subjects. More »

Photographer Burke Heffner loves telling stories in his stills, and the women he captures offer inticate and vibrant mosaics. Vintage mod vixens often play his muses, whether they're fresh-faced and bathed in white studio light or covered in mud and crumpled in a car trunk. The viewer is often left with a hungry curiosity, piecing together the plot of his prismatic, silent movie. Luckily, Heffner is also a filmmaker, so we occasionally get to glimpse the portrait's full story. More »

Computer illustrator Tsubasa combines reality and fantasy to create powerful images that evoke an immediate and complex reaction from the viewer. Pushing us to walk the line between desire and tantalizing fear, his art is incredibly rich and compelling, and it remains with the viewer long after we've looked away. More »

Steve Diet Goedde
Erotic photographer Steve Diet Goedde has a discipline and integrity in his camera work that is unique in the fetish world. The artistry comes from his vision, and the camera is merely a conduit. The result of a shoot is often a single roll of black and white film with 16 striking, finalized shots that will be neither cropped nor digitally manipulated. We see the scene as he has, and it has produced a candid, honest, intimate discourse between artist, model and viewer. More »

Arne Jahn
German erotic photographer Arne Jahn explores the mysterious abyss of dark desire with his camera. His images of dominance, lust and pain are rich, eerie and complex. There are no victims, just secrets and longing. More »

Eric Martin
French photographer Eric Martin creates surreal, futuristic landscapes using beautiful women and darkly imaginative fashion designers. He spoke with us about his influences and creative process. More »

Tila Tequila
Feisty little hottie Tila Tequila has led a roller-coaster life of longing, lusting and laughing. Her Vietnamese family gave birth to her in Singapore and emigrated to the US when she was about 2 years old. "So naturally I was raised as a little American Hellcat in the suburbs of Houston," she jokes. The self-proclaimed hellcat was discovered at the mall in Houston, Texas when she was 18 by a Playboy scout. She then turned her blazing attitude and southern charm into a new smart and sultry persona. More »

Dita Von Teese
It's no coincidence that burlesque has enjoyed a huge revival over the last decade while at the same time, porcelain pinup model and performer Dita Von Teese has shattered all burlesque boundaries to achieve Super Diva status. No one is more responsible for the return and redefinition of the old-school strip tease than this seductive dancer -- nor is anyone more worthy of being burlesque's pinup poster girl.

"It's about ambition, and the people that have it go places," the spirited Von Teese once said, "while the people that don't complain about people who are successful." There's no question in anybody's mind that she has it! Dita is known in the industry as a smart business woman, and throughout her career, she has maintained meticulous control over her style, photos and website. The result is an expansive, creative, incomparable collection of lingerie, fetish and artistic nude photos in addition to a bio that includes performances for dozens of the world's biggest celebrities. Everyone wants Dita. More »

Bianca Beauchamp
French Canadian latex superstar Bianca Beauchamp is well known in the fetish circuit from gracing the covers of magazines like Skin Two and Playboy Lingerie, headlining the world's most prominent fetish balls, and making us melt in her two major websites, LatexLair.com and BiancaBeauchamp.com.

And who wouldn't want to see this little lady in a catsuit? "I feel very sexy when I wear latex," Beauchamp purrs in her French accent, "it makes me feel that my body is perfect." Even when she's not in a catsuit, her body looks perfect. Her personal site offers "heart warming photos" that prove she is equally sexy and seductive while wearing innocent sun hats, playing in balloons, laughing in the sand or taking a dip in a pastel, flowered bikini. No wonder she's up for Playboy's Model of the Year. More »

Masuimi Max
It seems like the beautiful figure of Masuimi Max in her bright, tight, slick and sexy outfits is everywhere we look these days. The half-Korean, half-German beauty has modeled for almost every major fetish photographer out there, she's spokesmodeled for numerous clothing companies and fetish events, she's in almost every fetish magazine published these days and her smokin' body is all over the internet.

And we're not complaining! This gun slingin', tattoo covered troublemaker is driven, talented and super fine. More »

Emily Marilyn
Fetish model Emily Marilyn is a latex superstar. In between suiting up (and sometimes disrobing) regularly for the premiere names in erotic photography, she travels the world over to star in the biggest fetish events.

Her website is packed full of all the down and dirty visual details from her escapades. In over 300 galleries, she adopts dozens of personas; she's everything from a villainous, playful latex lady to a bitchy dominatrix to a struggling submissive to a soft and sultry lingerie supermodel. More »

Buck Angel
Buck Angel is one hot guy. Covered in tattoos and bulging with muscles, when he's staring sternly or longingly into the camera you can't decide whether you're scared of him, turned on or both. And that's just the beginning of the confusion. More »

Tall Goddess
German born glamour, fetish and erotic model Tall Goddess (aka Lorraine) lives up to her name. This sensual, leggy blonde measures in at 6' 1" (185 cm) in bare feet. She has traveled the globe performing on runways, modeling in magazines, directing her own erotica and generally looking super-fine.

Her website is no slouch either. She offers over 15,000 pictures and video clips, including 7,000 steamy nude photos shot from all over Asia, Europe and the US. There are sections dedicated purely to reveling in her height, watching her lush lips suck on a ciggie, checking out those fine, fair feet, and lounging with her lengthy legs. More »

The piercing, pale blue eyes peering out from Rubberella's slick, tight latex mask are rarely pleading. Instead, this Gwen Media gal suits up like a superhero and dominates any scene with a seductive, siren-like gaze that commands your willing submission. Mistress of an enormous online lair and slated to be host of the German Fetish Ball for 2006, the "fetish queen of an indigent world" took some time to discuss her rubber reality with us. More »

Jami Deadly
Jami Deadly, a retro tease from Texas, is the epitome of a glamorous, jaw-dropping bombshell. She combines the roles of horror hostess, burlesque performer and Marilyn impersonator into a boundary-shattering package with some deadly curves. More »

The small and mighty Apnea can appear soft, sensual and seductive as effortlessly as she can pull off a bad ass eat-shit look. In both cases, her eyes are always piercing and cavernous, and her form is tiny perfection. We are drawn to her, tempted by her and scared of her all at once. More »

Angela Ryan
Fresh Dallas fetish model Angela Ryan is quickly making her mark on the scene. Her classic visage and smooth porcelain skin juxtaposed with fiery hair and a quirky attitude make her an enigma more than anything else. This is, of course, why we like her. More »

Ariel X
Ariel X has recently burst on the internet scene, but her lack of "experience" isn't what's drawing in the crowds. This all natural diva lives a comic book character's life, changing out of her whip-smart computer good girl outfits each day into some smooth and sultry skin under evening's dimmed lights. Ariel's raw attitude peers through her striking features, and, even at her most innocent, it's clear she's a white-hot tiger. She let us in on the secret life of a girl named X. More »


Alexey Nikishin
Since the advent of photography, the sensual female form has been presented to excess in classically soft black and white portraits. However, Russian erotic photographer Alexey Nikishin reinvents the art form along with the archetypal female figure itself. Nikisin's ethereal models all possess a candid modesty, as if their ego has been shed during their various states of undress. The finished photographs present an honesty that elevates the seductive grace of these beauties to angelic levels. We spoke with Nikishin through our very poor Russian, and he graciously responded. More »

LA based photographer Octavio empties the crazy cool contents of his head into surreal dreamscapes filled with beautiful women. Then he takes bad ass photos of it. Though he professes it's all about cussing, drinking and pussy, I've gotta insist there's more art there than he's willing to take credit for. The rich vibrancy with which his ideas are portrayed is even more striking than the Hotness Factor... though admittedly, that factor is pretty high too. Octavio took some time from drinking bourbon while getting a lap dance to talk to us about his rock and roll lifestyle. More »

French-born London photographer Hyperion has a knack for finding models who carry obscure inner darkness. He then styles them to the hilt, picks up his analogue camera and captures their inner complexity in perfect unison with their outer creativity. We spoke with him about the riddles of life and how fetish fits into his ultimate fate. More »

German artist Katja Ehrhardt began designing her suberb fetish fashions by chance, and her independent nature and versatile creativity led her to start shooting fashion photography in an equally fateful way. Now she's one of the top latex designers in Germany, but her visionary photography of her own fashions has also landed her as one of the top fetish photographers. We spoke with Katja about her one-woman fetish fashion empire. More »

Libor Spacek
Somewhere between light and shadow, between water, surface and space, between dreamscape and dance lies the artistic vision of Czech photographer Libor Spacek. The sensual figures within his art are recognizable, but their surrounding elements are less clear. The women seem to float in a timeless twilight above fragmented pools of their own reflections, and they are at once both intriguing and alluring. We spoke with Spacek about life under the waters of Prague. More »

Stephen McClure
The images of Stephen McClure are jarring, and they linger in our rattled brains long after we've stopped looking. The hollow, robotic emotions of his models combined with the timelessness of his empty sets echo with alienation, mortality and the terror of apathy. If the goal of art is to evoke thought, feeling and emotion in the viewer, McClure is truly gifted. More »

The intense costumes, make-up, lighting, colors and characters in the art of SF photographer Blioux result in piercing, fierce and mesmerizing pieces. She spoke with us about her process, philosophy and fashion sense. More »

David Perry
The girls in David Perry's "Truckers Lounge" are lazing in motel rooms while chatting on the phone, cleaning small dirty kitchens, rolling around in old cars, stretching on dark, thick rugs and making their sexy little ways in what feels like a filthy world. They hold flasks, guns, knives and lollipops in their tattooed hands. They're hot and looking for trouble. More »

Sean McCall
Through both his erotic nudes and his fetish images, the art of photographer Sean McCall reaches beyond the pretty picture. He skillfully and successfully captures moments of truth in his models, revealing both their psyches and his own. McCall spoke with us about the beautiful women he's worked with and what it takes to elevate his art. More »

Ian Rath
Fetishnation.com creator and photographer Ian Rath captures extraordinary beauty, details, contrast and emotion in his dark fetish and bondage photography. More »

Chio Maisriml
The sci-fi women of Austrian illustrator Chio Maisriml's imagination live with tails, horns and impossible shoes. He morphs ladies and animals into futuristic, powerful, sexy characters who lure you into their fantastic dreamscape. "It's not me who produces the fantasies. I'm just the one who reflects them, but what you see is in your head." More »

Martin Perreault
French Candian photographer Martin Perreault is one of the premiere fetish photographers in the industry. Through the elaborate shoots with his lover Bianca Beauchamp on their website, they turn many of their latex fantasies into reality. Perreault took some time to speak with us about latex and love. More »

Kelly Lind
Kelly Michael Charles Lind has always been driven, creative and successful, whether he's running a stripping service, designing websites or roller blading. His true niche, however, is shooting striking, intriguing and beautiful photographs. We talked to him about his past, present and process. More »

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