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The piercing, pale blue eyes peering out from Rubberella's slick, tight latex mask are rarely pleading. Instead, this Gwen Media gal suits up like a superhero and dominates any scene with a seductive, siren-like gaze that commands your willing submission. Mistress of an enormous online lair and slated to be host of the German Fetish Ball for 2006, the "fetish queen of an indigent world" took some time to discuss her rubber reality with us.

Sez G: A lot of your photo sets are with other models. Is there much discussion beforehand, or is the play entirely spontaneous?

Rubberella: There is always a lot of discussion... what toys to use, how far can a girl can be taken, what equipment I can use and especially about what specifically a girl would like to have done to her. I need each and every model to be comfortable in a shoot or I won't get good shots. It is also important to me that we all are having a good time.

Sez G: Looks like everyone is! Your website is packed with tons of hot fetish photos, but you also do the occasional seductively sweet pin-up set. How do these shoots differ for you?

Ruberella: For me, it is always about being in a mood, and clothing and shoes are things that help me get into that mood. Some of the pin-up stuff that you see was very fun to shoot because it was all girly and somewhat innocent. It just made me giggle. When I am in latex I just feel more powerful and super heroine-like.

Sez G: Speaking of the superpower feeling, what kind of personality transformation happens in you when you slink into your latex?

Ruberella: It surely gives me a sense of empowerment. With that I feel that no one can fuck with me.

Sez G: What was your first experience in a latex mask like?

Ruberella: It was fascinating and scary at the same time. I didn't really know what to expect. I was with a mentor, so there was some sense of comfort. It made me breathe really hard, which excited me. I was completely high after I took it off.

Sez G: And the rest is history! When did you "officially" become Rubberella and when did you start your website?

Ruberella: Rubberella came about almost two years ago, I believe. I had been working with Gwen Media a lot, and I wanted something different. I became that persona when the website started, shortly after I shot my first movie. The movie is what really started things and helped with the website hysteria. I am now recognized around the fetish community as being such a latex fetishist. I love it!!!

Sez G: Your online journal references Latex Slut a lot? Who is she?

Ruberella: Latex Slut is played by the very kinky and very sexy Anastasia Pierce. Latex Slut is Rubberella's personal slave and toy to use for whatever I may need.

Sez G: Lucky you! You have a wide variety of set locations. Where do you do most of your shoots?

Ruberella: I mostly shoot at the Gwen Media studios in Los Angeles. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I sometimes shoot there. Also, when I travel, I like to shoot in whatever country I may be in. I have been very lucky to have been in some very beautiful places!

Sez G: Do you travel to a lot of fetish events?

Ruberella: I go to a fair amount of fetish events. It seems like there is one every month in some different city. It is hard to pick and choose which ones to go to.

Sez G: Tell me what your shows are like.

Ruberella: My performances lately have been with a latex weather balloon. I will start inside of a six foot weather balloon, break myself out of it, put myself into my Rubberella catsuit and then eventually into some heavier latex bondage. My show lasts 10 to 20 minutes. My performances are about latex fetish, how I experience it and how I would like to portray it.

Sez G: How much latex do you own? What's your favorite outfit?

Ruberella: I own quite a bit of latex. Some manufacturers send me some of their new designs. I love that part of my job!! Because I wear so much latex, my outfit choices vary often. Right now my favorite outfit is a dress Absolute Danny sent me. It is black with white trim, just below the knee in length. It laces up the front and has long sleeves that are trimmed in white feathers, as is the collar. I love it!!!!

Sounds hot indeed! If you want to see Rubberella in this tight little number or any of her other slick and sexy outfits, visit
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Rubberella - by Sez G